New and Young Diagnostician Training: Everything You Are Afraid to Ask and More (Dr. Edward Schultz) - 31436

This session is designed for educational diagnosticians who have been in the field for five years or less (everyone is welcome, though). A brief overview of the last 20 years of SLD identification will be described to help provide context to current practice. Specific topics will include (1) understanding statistical concepts related to test development and interpretation, (2) a deeper dive into contemporary CHC and PASS Theories of intellectual development, (3) significant policy and practice changes that have occurred over the last five years, and (4) addressing difficult identification decisions (e.g., DNQs, Intellectual Disabilities). Bring plenty of other questions! This session is aligned with the Child Find, dyslexia, evaluation, and re-evaluation component(s) of the TEA-required self-assessment and SPP Indicators 11 and 12.
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Diagnosticians, LSSP (Licensed Specialist in School Psychology)
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