Middle Grades Math (MGM) Institute: A Deep Dive into Numbers and Operations - 30044

How mathematics is taught in middle grades greatly impacts students' understanding of mathematical concepts in later years and, therefore, requires meaningful and connected learning experiences. This five-part series will take participants into a deep dive into the standards for grades 6-8, looking at vertical alignment for overarching concepts within this grade band. Attendance to all sessions is not required. Participants can select those deep dives most critical for their classroom practices. Join us for this first session to explore concepts of numbers and operations as teachers support students by representing numbers in various forms and performing operations while solving problems and justifying solutions. Teachers come to learn at MGM Institute and leave equipped with routines, strategies, and resources that enable them to facilitate content that empowers middle-grade learners.
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Teacher - General Education, Teacher - Middle School (Grades 6-8), Instructional Leaders, Teacher - Gifted Talented/Advanced Academics, Teacher - Special Education, Teacher Supervisors
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