Crucial Conversations for Accountability (Crucial Learning Series) - 32360

Managing performance is more than a process; it's about people. In reality, performance management is about addressing your people's behavior routinely and consistently. It's about candidly coaching through challenges and holding people accountable for lapses in behavior. It's about identifying goals, fast-tracking careers, and, in the process, improving your bottom line. These communication skills may not come naturally, but when learned, they mean the difference between managing people and managing processes. The good news is these accountability skills are replicable and learnable. We're all just a few crucial skills away from learning how to manage people and performance daily and directly. This in-person Crucial Conversations for Accountability is an engaging classroom course with extensive in-class practice, rich group discussion, and personal reflection to help maximize skill transference.

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Assistant Principals, Central Office Administrators, Directors, Principals, Superintendents/Chief Executive Officers, Assessment Coordinators, Community, Community/Public, Coordinators, Federal Program Directors/Coordinators, Human Resources Personnel, Instructional Leaders, School Board Members, Teacher Supervisors
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