23-24 Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL) Lesson Alignment and Formative Assessment Refresher Level 1 Season 6 - Everman - 31702

TIL Lesson Planning and Formative Assessment trains leaders to guide their teachers in designing effective lesson plans that include all essential components aligned to the end-goal assessments. Leaders will establish vital lesson planning structures that result in consistent lesson plan creation. This includes base content and lab training sessions.

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Central Office Administrators, Instructional Leaders, Principals, Assistant Principals, Teacher - General Education
Participants will: Utilize steps to unpack standards to create rigorous, measurable, distinct, manageable, and data-driven daily lesson objectives; Evaluate an exit ticket, create an exemplar, and name key criteria that make it successful; Create an aggressive monitoring plan that collects in the moment data on student understanding allowing teachers to identify and close gaps quickly; Create and practice an effective Show/Call reteach; Evaluate and create weekly assessments
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