Triangulating Data in the Full and Individual Initial Evaluation: Telling the Student's Story - 30236

An FIIE is meant to tell a student's story, not just report standard scores. Come learn how to use multiple sources of data to support a disability determination. In this session, participants will watch the TEA recorded webinar, "Triangulating Data in the Full and Individual Evaluation: Telling the Student's Story," and engage in meaningful activities and discussion surrounding the webinar. Evaluations must be comprehensive and based on a variety of data sources. Participants will learn how to triangulate data (from more than two sources) to verify results. Consistency of findings leads to recommendations for evidence-based interventions and how to progress-monitor those interventions.

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Diagnosticians, LSSP (Licensed Specialist in School Psychology)
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This session will support the knowledge and skills of the role of an Educational Diagnostician.
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