Quest: Unpacking Neurodiversity and Autism in Public Education - November - 30424

Join Michael Tucker (ESC Region 11) and Amber Davies (ESC Region 14) as we welcome Darcy Schiller, MS, CTP-E (ESC Region 13) to discuss "Trauma and Trauma Informed Care: More Than Buzz Words, Imperative for All Learning." Every interaction a child has with another human has the potential to help heal or to exacerbate the trauma. We will dig into this fact and discuss how to actually be trauma-informed and provide trauma-informed care. **This virtual PLC format is a collaboration between ESC Region 11 and 14. The targeted audience is educators in Regions 11 and 14.**
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Teacher - Special Education, Assistant Principals, Parents, Principals, Teacher - Early Childhood/PreK/Kindergarten, Teacher - General Education
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