Autism Lunch and Learn - Differential Reinforcement (DR) - 31644

During this series, participants will dive into the world of behavior analysis and learn practical strategies to shape behavior effectively. By the end of the workshop, participants will have the skills and knowledge to develop and implement effective behavioral strategies in a variety of settings, such as in school or the home. This session is aligned with the Instructional Strategies component(s) of the TEA-required self-assessment. November Session - Differential reinforcement (DR) is defined as reinforcing a specific class of behavior while withholding reinforcement for other classes of behavior. Differential Reinforcement schedules of Incompatible, Differential Reinforcement of Alternative Behavior (DRA), Differential Reinforcement of Incompatible Behavior (DRI), and Differential Reinforcement of Other Behavior (DRO) will be discussed heavily in this training.
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Teacher - Special Education, Charter School Personnel, Diagnosticians, LSSP (Licensed Specialist in School Psychology), Speech Therapists, Teacher - Early Childhood/PreK/Kindergarten, Teacher - General Education
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