Re-Imagining SDI - 31606

The research is clear on what works in teaching students with disabilities: specially designed instruction should be intensive, strategic, supportive of foundational skills, and focused on generalization. How do we provide proactive rather than reactive instruction for students with disabilities across settings, but particularly in the inclusive classroom? This session will re-imagine specially designed instruction by introducing practical, streamlined routines that prioritize high-impact curriculum standards. These routines create opportunities to learn without disrupting classroom instruction, help us know more about what our students can do, and support meaningful progress in the TEKS and the IEP. Through this context, we will begin to explore evidence-based interventions in reading language arts and math that have been found to improve student independence and learning outcomes for the diverse students we serve. This session is aligned with the IEP Content and Implementation, and Instructional Strategies components of the TEA-required self-assessment.

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Assistant Principals, Charter School Personnel, Principals, Teacher - General Education, Teacher - Special Education, Instructional Leaders
Participants will: Explore streamlined, practical routines for SDI that create opportunities to learn without disrupting classroom instruction. Support focused progress in reading, language arts, content area literacy, and math. Practice evidence-based interventions that improve student independence and learning outcomes. Learn how to leverage lead4ward tools to inform instruction and collaboratively plan.
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