Creating Inclusive Preschool Environments: Recommendations for Local Action - 32862

Join us in this engaging discussion group designed for educational leaders committed to fostering inclusive preschool environments. This session will delve into the crucial topic of providing the least restrictive environment for preschoolers, ensuring every child can thrive and learn. Our conversation will revolve around reviewing recent federal resources and recommendations, equipping you with the knowledge needed to take impactful local action. Explore best practices, share experiences, and gain insights into implementing policies that support inclusion in early childhood education. This session is aligned with the LRE and FAPE components of the TEA-required self-assessment and SPP Indicator 6.

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Central Office Administrators, Charter School Personnel, Directors, Coordinators, Diagnosticians
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This session is intended for Early Childhood and Special Education leaders
Review the latest federal guidelines and resources related to preschool education. Analyze how these resources can inform and shape local policies and practices. Share experiences and insights on overcoming challenges in providing a less restrictive environment for preschool students.
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