Psychological First Aid - CPE CREDIT - 31445

"Psychological First Aid (PFA) is a supportive intervention that teaches individuals how to provide psychological and emotional support to those who have experienced a crisis or traumatic event. PFA teaches individuals how to recognize signs of distress, provide basic emotional and practical support, and refer people to appropriate resources for further assistance. PFA training is essential for healthcare workers, first responders, educators, social workers, and community volunteers who may be called upon to provide support. PFA is based on the core principles of safety, comfort, and connection, and it promotes the sense of self-efficacy and control of individuals affected by a crisis. While PFA is not a replacement for formal mental health treatment, it is an essential first step towards promoting emotional recovery and resilience. In summary, PFA is an evidence-based intervention that equips individuals with the skills and knowledge to provide psychological and emotional support to those affected by a crisis or traumatic event, and it is essential for anyone who may be called upon to provide support."
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Adaptive Physical Education Teachers, Coordinators, Counselors, McKinney-Vento, Psychologists,
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