Uncovering Hidden Needs: Addressing the Unique Challenges of McKinney-Vento Identification and Stabilization - CPE CREDIT - 31348

Identifying and stabilizing McKinney-Vento students can be a challenging task, especially when there are hidden needs that may not be immediately apparent. In this session, we will explore some of the unique challenges that educators face when trying to identify and stabilize homeless students, as well as strategies for addressing these challenges. Participants will learn about the various hidden needs of McKinney-Vento students, such as trauma, lack of basic necessities, and transportation issues. We will discuss how these hidden needs can impact a student's ability to learn and succeed in school. Additionally, we will examine ways to create a safe and supportive environment for these students that fosters academic success and addresses their unique needs. Throughout the session, we will highlight best practices for identifying and stabilizing McKinney-Vento students, including establishing partnerships with community organizations, utilizing student-centered approaches, and providing wraparound services. Participants will leave the session with a greater understanding of the hidden needs of McKinney-Vento students and how to address them in a way that supports their educational success.

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Assistant Principals, Counselors, McKinney-Vento, Migrant, Transportation,
Identify at least three hidden needs that may impact the academic success of McKinney-Vento students. Understand the impact that hidden needs can have on the academic success of McKinney-Vento students. Describe strategies for addressing the unique challenges of McKinney-Vento identification and stabilization, including establishing partnerships with community organizations and providing wraparound services.
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