Maximizing Student Success: Practical Application of the Section 504 Technical Assistance Guide for Educators - 30713

The 504 Technical Assistance Guide (TAG) is an essential tool for educators who support students with disabilities or special needs. This guide provides a framework for creating and implementing effective 504 plans, which are individualized accommodations designed to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to education. In this workshop, participants will explore best practices for identifying and accommodating students with disabilities as well as strategies for working collaboratively with parents, students, and other stakeholders. Through interactive activities, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the 504 process. They will leave the workshop with practical tools and resources for creating effective 504 plans and strategies for monitoring and adjusting plans as needed to ensure that students continue to receive the support they need to succeed.
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Assistant Principals, Charter School Personnel, Coordinators, Counselors, Principals, Teacher - General Education, Teacher Supervisors
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