Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL) Observation and Feedback Level 2, 90-Minute Check-ins (Monthly) and One-on-one Coaching (Monthly) - Cohort 4 - Keene ISD - 27916

Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL) is a suite of trainings intended to help district and campus administrators develop their instructional leadership skills. Participants will create an observation schedule, prepare a feedback script, identify the highest leverage action step, conduct an effective feedback meeting, and monitor with follow-up.
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Central Office Administrators, Instructional Leaders, Principals, Assistant Principals, Teacher - General Education
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In order for districts to participate in the Texas Instructional Leadership Team (TIL) framework, the Principal Supervisor and Principals are required to attend all content and lab trainings. In addition to the mentioned, the Principal Supervisor will receive a minimum of six face-to-face coaching sessions to help improve the principals' implementation of the identified levers. Plus a TIL team Readiness Assessment, TIL overview, and TIL Preview are required.
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