CTE Industry Tour - 33303

CTE staff will engage with multiple industry partners to learn about the manufacturing mining equipment and the technologies (including drones and GPS) used in land surveying and mapping. The tour location will be at the Wabtec Mining Facility in Alliance, Texas, where participants will see the production of advanced technologies such as mining equipment with collision awareness and drill guidance systems that help mines detect and avoid potential hazards in real time, further enhancing safety. Smarter mining incorporates the use of advanced technologies and is created locally. There will be a live survey demonstration with Yazel Peebles & Associates LLC, showing the technologies used to gather and the data processed in fieldwork.

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CTE (Career and Technical Education) Personnel, Teachers-CTE, Title I, Part C, Carl D Perkins Grant SSA Members, Counselors, Directors
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Expose CTE Staff and counselors to current industry practices and technologies to provide strong classroom connections to the local labor market.
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