Child Nutrition 2024 Summer Conference - Staff Track - NSLP/SBP Smart Snacks & Food Allergies for School Nutrition Managers and Staff / Accommodating Special Dietary Needs - 32971

This class provides an overview of Nutrition Standards for All Foods and Beverages (aka Smart Snacks) sold in schools outside of reimbursable meals. Participants will gain an understanding of how Smart Snacks will affect ala carte sales and fundraisers, as well as how to use the Smart Snacks Calculator. Food Allergies for School Nutrition Managers and Staff is an in-depth training on managing food allergies in school nutrition programs. Food allergy management personnel who take this course will create an outline of a food allergy management plan or have an opportunity to strengthen their existing plan. This course includes information about food allergies and food intolerance, reading food labels, avoiding cross-contact, accommodating students with food allergies, laws regarding food allergies, and educating the school community about food allergies. Lunch will be provided. Summer workshops are a valuable tool for continuing education for district staff operating child nutrition programs. There are no restrictions on attendance for district employed staff. Each district will be permitted to take one food service management company (FSMC) employee, who may attend these sessions if accompanied by the district staff person responsible for contract management and oversight. FSMC attendees must pay a participation fee to attend and may not charge the cost to the nonprofit school lunch program or use federal nutrition funds for the expense.

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