Lone Star Governance (LSG) Open to all Texas School Boards and Superintendents - Continuous Improvement for Governing Teams - 31689

The intention of Lone Star Governance is to provide a continuous improvement framework for governing teams (Boards in collaboration with their Superintendents) that choose and commit to intensively focus on improving student outcomes. This workshop is open to the full team of eight, Quorum of the Board, or to Superintendents and individual Trustees in need of Lone Star Governance training because the remaining trustees have previously completed it. For questions on attendance, cost, or to be considered as an observer, please contact Kathy Ferrell for registration.

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School Board Members, Central Office Administrators, Superintendents/Chief Executive Officers
This workshop is a conversation about researched school board behaviors that improve student outcomes. The underlying belief is that leadership matters and that leaders' choices have the power to be transformative in the lives of their students.
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