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Join us for an immersive workshop focused on the partnership between Title 1, Part C (MEP), Shared Services Arrangements (SSAs), and ESC Region 11 processes. Participants will engage in activities to identify migratory students' needs, share resources, and understand their roles within SSAs. The session emphasizes practical application, empowering educators to navigate challenges effectively and utilize resources. Gain insights into serving Priority for Services Students and fostering Parent Family Engagement. Join us to collaborate, learn, and make a tangible difference in the lives of migratory students.

Schedule & Location
9/17/2024 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
ESC Region 11
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Title I, Part C, Migrant SSA Members, Migrant Education Program
Partnership Understanding: Clarify the collaborative roles between Title 1, Part C (MEP), SSAs, and ESC Region 11. Needs Assessment Skills: Equip participants with skills to conduct effective needs assessments for migratory students. Service Sharing: Facilitate resource sharing among SSAs and ESC Region 11 to maximize support for migratory students. Problem-Solving and Best Practices: Address challenges and share best practices for serving migratory students. ESC Support
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T-TESS 1.3,3.3,4.3,4.4

Registration Deadline 9/17/2024
Credit Type Continuing Professional Education
Duration 06:00

Keilah Villarreal ESC Region 11, Michelle Perez ESC Region 11

Keilah Villarreal

For assistance contact:

Keilah Villarreal
Migrant Specialist

Michelle Perez

For assistance contact:

Michelle Perez
Migrant Education Recruiter
(817) 740-7541

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