Let's Go to Work! Part 3: Your Money, Turning 18, and Social Security Benefits - ENGLISH - 30582

This is Part 3 of an eight-part series. Turning 18 is an important age when it comes to receiving or applying for benefits. Participants will gain information on (1) what to do if they are not currently receiving benefits, (2) what to do if benefits have been denied, and (3) what to do in order to maintain current benefits.
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Community/Public, Transition Specialists to Transition Personnel, VAC (Vocational Adjustment Coordinators), Charter School Personnel, Counselors, Diagnosticians, Parents, Teacher - Middle School (Grades 6-8), Teacher - Special Education
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This is a Texas Workforce Commission Charting the Course Initiative. Families are encouraged to attend each session in the series. Families will have the opportunity to schedule confidential one-on-one benefits counseling with a Certified Community Work Incentive Counselor.
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