Using Handheld Technology for Success at Work - Northwest ISD Administration Building - 29038

During this free, face-to-face session, student participants will learn how smartphones and tablets can be supports for being ready for work, getting to work, and being successful on the job. This interactive session will provide an overview of how to utilize smartphones, tablets, and other readily available devices to facilitate student productivity, independence, and success in the workplace.
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Teacher - Middle School (Grades 6-8), Teacher - Special Education,
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Please note the location and time for this session. This is a Texas Workforce Charting the Course Initiative. The target audience is families, and 8th - 12th Grade students ages 14-22 years old who are currently participating in a recognized educational program, and have a mild to moderate disability. Families, educators, and Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors are encouraged to attend and participate.
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